The Originals Spoiler Alert: One Brother Gets A Kiss…but Who?


spoiler tagThe Eonline spoiler room released some juicy info on tomorrow nights The Originals “The River in Reverse”. A brother gets a kiss but who? The obvious would be Elijah and Hayley but with a flashback on the horizon, we could be wrong. We know Elijah will have hallucinations from Klaus’s bite in the cabin, along with Hayley nursing him back to health. So could Elijah go back and replay the betrayal. We all know this is not the first time Elijah has sided with a woman in spite of his brother. Or could it be Klaus and Cami share a kiss. We know Cami is dead set on making Klaus pay for compelling her. Maybe this is her way of distracting the hybrid. Mmm…interesting. Who do you the secret lip-lock is in store for?

The River in Reverse


Sabrina: Anything juicy to share on The Originals?!
How about that we’ll see one of the Original siblings, Klaus or Elijah, kiss someone in Tuesday’s episode? Oh, you need more? How about that Elijah and Hayley share a sweet moment where they [spoiler]?!

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