The Originals Spoilers: Klaus and Genevieve Get Cozy.


The Originals new stills from “Moon Over Bourbon Street” give us a lot to look forward too. But I think the mouth dropping pic out the bunch. Is that of Klaus and Genevieve getting close up against a wall. Sure we all know that Genevieve let Klaus in on Rebekah’s betrayal and that she had a crush on him back in the day. But this is quick….even for our hybrid. Who supposedly only cared for Caroline until recently.  During The Originals “Long Way Back From Hell” episode we saw some chemistry between the two. With Genevieve caressing Klaus and him offering to repay her back in ways she could only fathom. So yeah….it’s some heat going between the two.

Moon Over Bourbon StreetBut really how many loves or flings can this hybrid have. His heart is with Caroline, I’m sure of that. He has to have some type of connection with Hayley, since they are going to be co-parenting soon. Then he seems to take a liking to Cami. So now he is getting cozy with Genevieve. We soon will have to feature a road map to Klaus’ many hookups or loves. Granted it would be nice to she him with someone, since it seems Caroline is not coming to The Originals anytime soon. And I get him and Genevieve’s allure to each other, they would be a very dark couple. So I see it, don’t know if I ship it yet. It depends on if this is really something of if Klaus is just trying to form alliances. Bedding the head of the witches would surely add you to the top of her list. But this episode will be very interesting to watch. What do you think of Klaus’ latest hook-up?

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