The Originals Spoilers: What Part Did Rebekah Play In Marcel’s Betrayal?


We’re under two weeks away from The Originals mid-season premiere, January 14th.  Here’s what we know: Marcel has betrayed Klaus in a major way, Rebekah knows it and threatens him with it and she will make a move in the upcoming episode ‘The Casket Girls.’ Now along with the juicy spoilers released…..

[box style=’info’] “There may be someone besides Rebekah and Marcel who also has access to that secret,” warns executive producer Michael Narducci. “Part of that story will then be how Marcel and Rebekah, who are not exactly on the same page, figure out what they’re going to do to keep the secret from getting out?” Source: TVLine [/box]

Marcel and Rebekah try to keep it from coming out. What part did Rebekah play? I don’t think she set up her family by any means or at least knowingly. Her betrayal towards her family comes from her not telling them but how deep is it ? See if Rebekah and Marcel had a “thing” going on.  There’s a possibility that she found out about it then, maybe by letter or word of mouth. Not believing it held on to it and now she’s afraid that her brothers will hold that against her.  Because we know Klaus is in no mood for his family at the moment or ever. Or as we seen in ‘Bloodletting’, did her and Marcel team up and when she backed out of the plan. He got upset and called daddy dearest. Maybe that is the information this new person has? That Marcel betrays them both, but Klaus would ask how he got so much info on Mikael. We know Klaus holds his cards tight, but Rebekah having a relationship with Marcel. Would tell a little more and we all know on this show. Sometimes you have to side with your enemy for a common cause. 

I’m ready to see how this plays out. Glad they are giving Rebekah a side story for the rest of the season or at least a couple of episodes.  Don’t miss the return of The Originals on January, 14 at 8pm.

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