The Originals: ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ Recap


This review is gonna be sweet and to the point. Really I feel like that is what this episode did for ‘The Originals.’ It made very clear who was on who’s side and that this is a war. Klaus going around executing the perfect plan, then sits back to watch it unfold. Tangled up in BlueClever…and I like it. Hayley gets a surprise visit from Tyler? Just kidding but we don’t know who this mysterious wolf is, but it sure sensed something when it got close to Hayley. Along with a surprise visit from Sabine and a little witchy interference when she’s figuring out the sex of the baby. Rebekah still has feelings for Marcel, which I was very pissed at him last night. The way he took our girls breath away and walked off. Agg!!! But that also means he still cares for her. So that’s not the end of that. But I did learn something about Klaus in this episode. I think our Hybrid is learning how to be a better person but for who?. My guess is both the women he loves in his life, Rebekah and Caroline.  I have to admit I did get a little tear in my eye when he looked at Cami, but it was a good tear. For I knew our dear Klaus was thinking about Caroline. My heart did break for Thierry and his girl. So sad, but love is worth dying for…after all.

The music last night was so good and I really enjoyed the party. I kinda wish they spent more time there but it was more task at (1)hand. With Marcel opening up about his feeling’s for Cami and Klaus understanding blew me away. I love how close these too are getting even if they are at war. Deep down they still long for their relationship they once had. It shows. Klaus is the perfect wingman, even if he felt a spark between him and Cami he still stayed true to Marcel.

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I think it scared him a bit how but intrigued him, so he will be back for more. Really that’s all I think that ship will ever become, she will teach Klaus how humans see things. I think he has lost that over the years and that was his biggest issue in Mystic Falls.Tangled up in Blue So far from his humanity that he could not understand why Stefan would do what he did. Or Caroline’s push to live a normal life. So I like that they gave him that escape on this show. He will need it before the baby comes. Since it is a girl, he will need that side of him to show more.

I do want them to give Hayley more screen time. If we are supposed to get to know her, please make her visible. She kept fading in the background for me last night. The only time she really shined was her little talk with Klaus, when she tells him it’s a girl. Klaus ask about Elijah and her concern and why? I love those moments between them two.

Well, this was short and sweet but thats really all I got out of this weeks episode, I enjoyed it but it was a slow build for me this week. Next I’m sure will have lots of drama since our little Davina will be out on the town. Can’t wait….


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