The Originals Tuesday: Highlight Klaus and Hayley


Klaus and Hayley need a better relationship moving forward. This child if we see it…will cause challenges for both. I do not think Klaus and Hayley have chemistry as a couple. For me the only thing they have in common is the baby and similar backgrounds. I think they want different things. Plus if the writers did go that route it would have to be seasons into the show. But I don’t think it would last.  How I view their relationship….it’s complicated. Hayley’s pull towards Elijah is his undying love for his family. That appeals to her because she longs for her family and as we’ve seen in the promo. She’s willing to fight for them too. Hayley’s pull towards Tyler was his determination to free his kind. Klaus’s pull to Caroline was her loyalty  towards her friends and family. His pull towards Cami is her loyalty to her brother and finding out the truth. Klaus resents Hayley not because of her feelings towards Elijah but for the simple fact his family choose her over him. Last week’s confession sealed the deal for these two at the moment. Hayley is basically a hostage and loathes Klaus because of his treatment towards his family. It’s clear that Klaus only cares about the baby, cause now that’s the only family member that does not hate him. Klaus hunting Hayley’s family down is not because he wants her to only have him and the baby but as punishment. He did the same thing to Katherine when she betrayed him.

The hook up scene that everyone either loved or hated. Looking back at this scene told me a lot about these two and not in the romantic sense. If you really look at whats going on you see their pull towards each other but it’s only because she is hopeless and so is he. Notice he turns away when she mentions Caroline but then she pulls him back in with why she likes the painting. The are both dark souls and long for something. Hayley in her own mind knows she will never be Caroline and she knows what she means to Klaus.

Time to grow up…that’s how I took this scene. Just Klaus and Hayley understanding the lengths that they would have to go to make sure this child is safe. I did take this as a turning point in their relationship.

The memoirs Hayley is reading and how this lets her in on Elijah’s inner thoughts. Many people bring up this scene at the end as an indicator of Klayley. I did not see it that way. I feel like the reason Klaus wants his story written down is so that whomever reads them would hear his side of the story and understand him better. I like to think in my mind he is doing it for his child to better understand him one day.

This is the part that really erks me  because some are so invested in Hayley getting up with either brother that they don’t really see this scene for what it’s revealing. Klaus was not jealous of Hayley and Elijah being together. He was hurt by his brother’s actions. Taking Hayley’s side before hearing his. This had more to do with Elijah and Klaus’s relationship then it did Hayley.

Guess what guys he loves his family, they let him down. Right now Klaus knows he has no one except the baby and he intends on making sure that child is safe. How I took this part….is he’s done with Rebekah, Elijah and Hayley. Many saw other things in this sense but all I saw was a man trying to hold on to the last part of him that he has not ruined….at least yet. That is the baby, not Hayley but the child she carries.

We’ll see more of these two tonight. So don’t miss this mid-season final. How do you see their relationship?

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