The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?


The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

Eonline has given us the biggest scope to date from EP Julie Plec herself, about the first crossover for The Originals and TVD. This one is a big one Nina Dobrov is heading to The Originals. Adding to her Doppelgänger status and playing one more we have yet to meet but only heard of…Tatia. For those of you who do not watch TVD here is a little snippet of the conversation Elijah and Klaus share with Stefan and Damon about Tatia.

Here is what Julie Plec had to say about it:

Plec teases that Tatia’s presence will bring out a side to the Original brothers that fans have seen them struggle with time and time again: falling in love with the same woman. “What we remember from The Vampire Diaries, for those who watch both shows, is that [Klaus and Elijah] both loved her, so it’s a little bit of history repeating itself like with Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Damon [Ian Somerhalder],” Plec says. “And then Esther [Alice Evans], their mother, killed her so that she could make Klaus not a hybrid. There’s lots of secrets and scandal and romance and terrible tragedy attached to her character. We’ll get to go back into the past to see how that all played out.” Read Full Interview Here

Source: Eonline 

With the recent spoilers we’ve learned I have three top theories as to why Julie Plec and Co are introducing this story line.

The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

Esther’s Secret:   We all have seen the spoilers about Esther’s bombshell she is supposed to drop this season on The Originals, could this story be the root of it. Was Tatia giving some sort of choice and she chose the wrong brother to love. Or she could not choose and with Esther not really wanting her sons to be at odds kills her. Using her in the ritual to turn them into vampires? Or at least that’s the how the story was told to us but I have a feeling theses more. Tatia could have also stumbled upon Esther’s shame about Niklaus, finding out his father was not Mikael. My head is spinning with this one and I’m sure it will come to this. I mean most of the tales of the Doppelgängers are tragic so this one should be no different. This could also give the brothers a new view on their history and what loving the same women has caused them. **hint**

Foreshadowing a Klaus, Hayley and Elijah Triangle: 

The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

I know..a lot of you do not want to see another triangle but there are a lot of fans that want to see Hayley end up with one of our beloved brothers. I think this is the weakest  theory only because I would view this flashback as a cautionary tale. How there has always been a women between the two them. Something that we know Elijah will be dealing with this season. The chemistry between Hayley and Elijah is there and I don’t see Klaus changing how Hayley feels about Elijah anytime soon. At least not in this season. We still have to remember Klaus has something we  have yet to see with Camille. But it is plausible since our shows love to use props to foreshadow or bring other characters up in the spotlight. Right now with no clear mention of any of The Originals past loves or present. Hayley would automatically be the center of how the audience will relate to this story. Or at least those that do not watch TVD.

tumblr_mwtsdlYqrp1sj92x4o1_500  Acknowledging  Past and Present Loves. 

This is my top theory mixed in with a bit of  Esther’s secret one. Think about it… Plec already hinted that Klaus and Caroline do have unfinished business but a crossover has not been confirmed. Also Julie has said the crossover has to be “organic”. So showing the audience this flashback could lead to more that may involve Caroline and what she means to Klaus. I’ve always seen Caroline and Klaus’ story as an epic, tragic love story. That is what keeps my faith with this couple. Only because everyone is life has always wondered about what it could have been with this person or the next. If this person was the one and we just meet at the wrong time in our lives..etc.  Klaroline symbolizes to me the only relatable love story in both shows. Trust me, I understand the allure of the other ships. Klamille with their dark past. Klayley with their shared interest and child. Haylijah with their chemistry and allure. But I still see those as fairy tales, which don’t get me wrong we all love fairy tales but Klaroline has always been a struggle. For Caroline to get to the point and confess her feelings for Klaus despite  all he’s done. That’s compelling and interesting to me. But what I love about T.V is there is a little for all of us. Which brings me to Katherine and Elijah’s history. These two have been in and out of each other’s lives for over 500 years. I think he needs to know that Katherine is dead. Julie has hinted that Caroline will get a mention but I think their going surprise us with a Katherine mention too. Both these women have played important parts of shaping both men and their attitudes towards love in The Originals. If or when Caroline crosses over the audience will need to know a little about her, same for Katherine. Elijah could reflect on that relationship too and how it relates to him and Hayley.

Whatever the writers have in store, I’m excited to see where it would lead. So what are your theories? Sound off below.

Don’t miss this episode of The Originals and TVD crossover, which will air November 3rd at 8pm. Mark your calendars…



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