The Originals: Watch Out Marcel


The CW release not one but two promos for ‘The Originals’ today.

The first one is titled “Immortality”. It focuses on Klaus’s lust for power and revenge against Marcel. It features a strong demanding feel to it. Typical Klaus behavior, but it does connect both with a history they share. The cast members look great, it was shot really well. The promo ends with both Klaus and Marcel in a heated stand off. This is one showdown I am looking forward to.


The next promo released today is titled “Marcel.” This one shows Marcel and Klaus in a game of cat and mouse. Let’s face it Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sired Marcel (Charles M Davis), so this guy knows how Klaus thinks. It has very strong images in this video. Klaus behind Marcel’s back, them having a stand off again. Very dark and gothic this one is. My advice to Marcel watch your back cause Klaus is determined and focused on taking you down.



Tell which new promo video you like the best, mine is the Marcel’s. Its the atmosphere of the video and Joseph looks great in it.

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