[Poll]The Originals: Who’s Your Valentine…. Klaus, Elijah or Marcel?


With Valentines’ Day fast approaching I often wonder what vampire/hybrid would you like to spend the day with from The Originals. Winner will be revealed on Valentines Day!! Let’s set up each date shall we….


Would you love to spend a day at a museum of art, followed by a nice dinner. Maybe a trip to someplace exotic. Well…that is what I see this hybrid doing with his woman. You can assure the date would be well thought out and very enlightening with this 1000yr old hybrid. Who’s to say you would not celebrate the full week with trips to…. Paris, Rome and Tokyo.





This gentlemen would be sure to treasure his woman. Maybe taking in an opera or ballet followed by a nice dinner. Where you and him can discuss some history and maybe make some of your own. Followed by him making you a bath and catering to you. This vampire can be the perfect gentlemen but the most alluring bad boy in a suit too.










Anything involving this bad boy would be great fun. From the first time we see Marcel , we can tell he is all about fun. So this date would be a live concert to your favorite band. Followed by a stroll through his beloved city New Orleans and there’s no telling where the night could lead. One things for sure it would be carefree and loads of fun.



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