The Originals: Will Rebekah and Hayley Stay Close?


One of the best things to come out of The Originals since it’s pilot, is the relationship between Hayley and Rebekah. Zap2it talked to Claire Holt who thinks that is about to change.

Claire Holt says that Rebekah senses what is going on between Elijah and Hayley, and isn’t a fan of it for more than one reason. “There’s a pang of jealousy there. She loves Elijah so much, and there’s another woman now that’s in town and is taking some of the attention of her brother,” Holt tells Zap2it. “I don’t think it’s too much of an issue now to the point where she’s not going to protect the baby or not going to feel like Hayley’s a part of the family. But I think she definitely acknowledges it and realizes that it may not be the smartest thing for Elijah to pursue. She knows that this could go very wrong. But she also thinks so highly of Elijah, so she’s not one to really tell him how to behave or act. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes.”

The River in Reverse

I agree with Claire. Rebekah knows first hand what a feud between her brothers looks like. So I would think she should give Elijah some sisterly advise about staying his distance. But then again alls fair in love and war. The Chemistry coming from these two is too hot to ignore. If there is one person who can let Hayley know about how Rebekah feels about her brothers, it’s Caroline. I always thought Rebekah and Caroline had a lot in common. They both sacrifice so much for their friends and family, but once Rebekah noticed Klaus’s feelings towards the blonde. Jealousy sets in. The one thing saving Hayley from all of the Mikaelsons wrath at this moment. Is the fact she is carry the magical baby….but after. She might have to worry or at least keep her guard up. Being part of this family comes with betrayal and honesty and nobody knows that better than Rebekah.

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