Play For Your Chance To Win Big With The Originals Trivia Game.


Play For Your Chance To Win Big The Originals Trivia Game.

Great news fang fans!! We know the hiatus has you down. But Insticator has come up with the perfect trivia game. Answer the questions for your chance to win The Originals Trivia game. You read right…all you have to do is answer each trivia question and you’ll be entered for your chance to win. Great huh!! So not only do you get to show how much you are an Originals fan, but you also get a chance to win with each trivia question posted. So put on your thinking caps. Each question will get harder as the weeks go. Are you ready to have some fun? Here’s the link—>> The Originals Trivia

Play For Your Chance To Win Big The Originals Trivia Game.


Think you know everything about The Originals?

This contest will include questions about The Originals from their debut on TVD through season 1.  So it’s fair for everyone to win. So don’t forget about past family members or new ones.  This will be a fun interactive way to win prizes and show your support for the show. A little hint: They are replaying the entire first season on Thursday’s night at 9pm. So you can brush up on what you missed. This could help you during the contest. Stay tuned for the grand prize it will be well worth it!

The Originals will return October 6th on The CW. Monday nights have now turned into #MikaelsonMondays so don’t forget to follow us and tune in each week. Check out the new summer promo.

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