Poll: Can “The Originals” Survive with Only Two Originals?


The top OMG moment for The Originals this week is Rebekah Mikaelson’s exit. Claire Holt (Rebekah Mikaelson) will no longer be a series regular on the show. Which leads me to this question. If this show is about family and The Originals bond, can it survive with only two remaining Mikaelsons? Yeah….I know they’re many others that include Hayley’s baby as a Mikaelson but the show calls the baby. Hayley’s baby…and we still have no answers about this magical baby…yet. So I’m going with Klaus and Elijah as the remaining “Originals.” This show was sold to us on the premise of family above all. Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah’s bond. We know the show mainly revolves around Klaus and his redemption, but without Rebekah is that still possible. I know he set her free, but was it too early for her to leave New Orleans?

I think it was and it will leave a gap in the show for the remaining episodes to come. Rebekah was loved and just as interesting as her brothers. She and Klaus’ connecting was deeper than any other siblings. Elijah even noted that in the episode. So not having her there will add another void for the siblings. Elijah and Klaus have there moments and usually the one to bring together is Rebekah. I don’t understand if the writers are going another angle but some fans are truly hurt. I loved her banter with Klaus and she knew better than anyone. This show already had enough against it from the beginning, from people not liking the baby plot and certain characters ,to many not understanding what is even happening on the show at all. Mainly because of the character choices the show has went with. Davina came back and Rebekah left. But Rebekah has more of a back story and plot than Davina….Right! Hayley is a nun factor, except when they are talking about the wolves and little flashes of knowledge we get about the baby. So many fans are confused and disappointed in the angle this show is taking. They still have to give plots to Marcel, now that Rebekah’s gone and Camille because her uncle looks like his not going to make it. Is that enough for a show entitled “The Originals”? Going into this series half of The Original family was dead. Esther, Mikael, Finn and Kol, now Rebekah is gone. Regardless of the story, either Claire Holt wanted out or the producers wrote her out. Can this show make it?

Don’t get me wrong, I will still watch because I love Klaus’ character and that is what drew me to The Original family in the first place. But I do hope that the writers and producers know what they are up against and have something bigger in store for us. Many think it will lead to Caroline coming to The Originals but I doubt it. I would love for that to happen but not with the storyline that is playing out in NOLA at the moment. Maybe it will lead to another actress getting more screen time. Whatever the plan is…I hope it’s enough to fill the void of The Original sister being gone. What do you think?

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