[Poll] The Originals Raise In Ratings: Could This Cause More Crossovers.

[Poll] The Originals Raise In Ratings: Could This Cause More Crossovers.

[Poll] The Originals Raise In Ratings: Could This Cause More Crossovers.

We all know of late that The Originals has been slacking in ratings, but recently “A Closer Walk with Thee” changed that. The Originals Raise In Ratings: Could This Cause More Crossovers. The Originals closed with 1.77 million ratings. Many think it has to do with Mikael’s crossover. I’m leaning towards that too, this has always been my main concern for the show. More crossovers and ties to Mystic Falls because let’s face it. That is how we got to know our beloved ‘Originals.’ Chrissy who runs the I heart radio blog did a great article that features my concerns and hopes as we move into season two of this show.

However, once the baby is born, how much can they really do with the storyline? Arcena, who runs The Originals fans website and the Originals AA&F Twitter account is really concerned. She explained, “I do feel like it’s killing the show a bit. I mean, really, how many cliffhangers once this child is born are gonna end with ‘we have to kill the baby’? That would get old after a couple of episodes. It already did.” I agree. Of course, after last week’s episode we learned that the witches want to (surprise, surprise) kill the hybrid baby to save their witch Genevieve (Elyse Levesque).
Ultimately, this will be an ongoing dilemma should the baby survive. Personally, I don’t feel a baby is necessary in this type of show. But I digress.
Arcena further stated that the new audience has no idea of the Mikaelson’s history and should be brought up to speed. “The new audience needs to see what happened in Mystic Falls, i.e., how Klaus killed Esther and defeated her once she came back same with Mikael.” Again, I agree. The idea is to keep the audience that initially began watching them on The Vampire Diaries, and reel in a new audience. Unfortunately, they are losing the old audience, and need to better use the history of Mystic Falls, as well as crossover characters between the two shows.

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If you look at the ratings over the whole season, they raise a lot with crossovers. So far it has been Mikael and Tyler. Of course we can’t forget the Mikaelson’s crossover during TVD’s 100th episode. That showed Klaus with the one girl many believe should be on the show and crossover….Caroline. Which has been a big issue with the show from the beginning. One that has the show’s writers and some fans at odds. Should Caroline crossover….I think so. I have a hard time believing that Klaus after so many centuries could waltz into town and fall head over heels with Camille. I understand his relationship with Hayley and the need for it. But I don’t see it going anywhere romantically, since Elijah and Hayley have now kissed.  But there are other plots for crossovers with the whole cast. Stefan for one makes my list, these two have shared a lot of history together. Seeing them onscreen again would be a treat for the fans.

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It seems the writers for both shows have something a little different in mind for Klaus and Caroline. TVD is moving on it seems to Stefan and Caroline getting romantic. As The Originals shoot for Klaus and Camille, whom I think has a lot of similarities  with Caroline.

More on Klaus and Caroline aka Klaroline here!!One thing that has surprised fans (and the writers) has been the sexual tension and chemistry between Klaus and Mystic  vampire babe Caroline (Candice Accola). “Klaroline,” as the fandom calls the couple, steams up the screen when they finally, after months of tiptoeing around their attraction, hit the sheets (or should I say woods) during The Vampire Diaries 100th episode.
Fans were screaming for more, and although many hoped this could open the door for more crossovers between the shows, this apparently is not the plan. What I don’t understand is why not? It’s what fans would tune in to see, whether Caroline needs Klaus for some emergency or somehow gets caught in New Orleans. Fans want to see them together!

Could The Originals get more ratings with more crossovers?

Most fans seem to think so and maybe the writers do understand that need and can give in to it more with season 2 of The Originals. Since the baby plot, should wrap up by the finale and the first couple of episodes of season 2. So what would your all time best crossover be? Let us know and leave comments. We will post the results May 6th on this site.


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