Poor Klaus: ‘The Originals’ First Look In Pics


Season 1, Episode 102A

E online got first exclusive of ‘TheOriginals’ first peek at the episode to come. This brings up a very interesting look at my favorite character Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Also why I fell in love with him so much. I always knew it was something so scarred with this guy. Something deeper, that he was filled with so much hurt and pain.


This image above  seems to suggest that it’s one of the first times Klaus transformed into a wolf. Which I hope they show because we never got to see Klaus wolf out in ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ But what stood out to me in this image, is Klaus’s face towards Elijah (Daniel Gillies). You can see the betrayal in his eyes that he felt towards his brother, more so then Mikael (Sebastian Roche) . Plus this scene reveals and sets up Mikael discovering his wife’s indiscretions. Remember this clip, it popped right in my head, when I saw this image.



This is why I love ‘The Originals’ and happy that we get to see more of them. They have such a deep back story. It could take season’s for us to see it all. I hope Klaus and Elijah get to work more on their relationship. You can see that this family has issues, clearly. It also sets up Elijah’s part towards his brother’s redemption. I think Elijah is on board with this baby because he somewhat feels obligated to help Klaus. Meaning he realizes he caused his brother pain and has some to do with why Klaus is the way the he is now.


Don’t get me wrong, this is not a pity party for Klaus. He does have a lot of demons that are not caused by his family but more to do with his own actions. In how he dealt with his issues. This is just a glimpse. For me this is the best still from the show so far. It tells a story on it’s own.

The Originals


The rest of stills released today, clearly has something to do with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) coming to stay in the new house. Klaus having issues with that and him and Elijah having a face off about it. We know that Klaus will resent Hayley but the reasons for me go much deeper then what’s been revealed. Making sure Klaus realizes that Hayley is family now, she is carrying his child.  I think Klaus resents Hayley because of Caroline. Lots of people want to down play the ship because of the backlash from the hook-up but realistically it does.

  • First, we know Caroline touched Klaus’s humanity.
  • Second, If he could choose who would have his child. It would be Caroline.
  • Third, he is worried about what she will think.

Remember they left door open so eventually she will have to find out. If they keep their promise and allow crossovers.  I mean he asked Damon for advice on what to say, so clearly he cares about what she thinks.


More so is the problem with Marcel and the witches blackmailing him through the baby, we know Klaus does not like that. He prides himself on always being a step ahead, but this situation he was not. So I can see how he could have the resentment that he does. Plus Hayley did have a hand in the hybrids and Tyler’s betrayal.  But I know they tried to stay cool on the Klaroline ship, so I can understand why they did not include that as being one the reasons.  We have to remember, they want the show to gain new viewers and attaching Klaroline to it so early. Might not be the best idea, I can see their point. Do I think it’s right? No, I think a baby might help Klaus but Julie said “He sees the baby as pawn for power.” So really how would he be redeemed. I think  love and loyalty would redeem Klaus. Those are two qualities he found in Caroline.


Season 1, Episode 102B

As for my wish for Hayley, I am at a cross roads. Julie did promise us more of her backstory, but how much can they tell. It’s not like Klaus and Elijah are gonna let her go off searching in the swamps. Marcel did chase her kind away. And if she did, he runs the city so vampires loyal to him would report it back. Which would  have him trying to figure out her connection with Klaus. Plus a powerful witch Davina (Danielle Campbell) who should be able to tell the balance nature is creating. The baby. Anyway that is my take on Hayley. I hope to find out more and if she comes form a powerful line of werewolves. That would make the baby even more powerful. I still don’t understand why the writers went with the baby plot but I’m going to love watching how it plays out. To see if they answer those questions I have.  Shows always do things that fans don’t fully understand but that’s what makes us watch. To see more and learn more. Below are the rest of the images that were released today. If you want to find out more about the heat Hayley could be in with Klaus click here.




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