The Save Klaroline Campaign


The Klaroline fandom is unstoppable, giving the recent news from executive producer Julie Plec. That Klaus and Caroline’s story  was indeed over or “at least for now.” An interview that shock the whole fandom to its core and caused Klaroliner’s to come out in the millions to support their ship. Looking at the numbers the KC fandom is one of the largest ship fandoms I have seen. So what do the KCers do? They start a petition which has grown to over 15000 signatures since the air of TVD’s 100th episode. In which Caroline finally confesses her feelings for Klaus and they hook up. With the promise that he never returns to Mystic Falls. Which was a bittersweet end to most Klaroline fans.  Wetpaint released an interview with the founder of the petition to get more insight.

While the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries was a huge one for many of the characters, it was LdYd1G0nzVIarguably Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that took everyone’s breath away with their hot romp in the woods. While the steamy scene was a big win for Klaroliners (those fans who ship the two supernatural beings together), it was also bittersweet because with the promise of the romantic tryst came the harsh consequence: Klaus would leave forever and never come back.

After the milestone episode aired, showrunner Julie Plec addressed the future of Klaroline’s relationship, noting that each character is firmly rooting in his or her show and that, for now, “this is for good.” This notion of closure for one of the biggest shipper fandoms in all of television has left some fans aching for more. In fact, some fans have rallied around each other and started a petition on asking Julie to let Klaroline “finally get their chance” and give the fans what they want.

So if you are a fan of this ship and want to see this relationship taken further. Sign the petition here. Also, here are some links to more information on the “ Save Klaroline Campaign” .

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