Want to Send Joseph Morgan a Birthday Wish? Here’s How…


Want to Send Joseph Morgan a Birthday Wish? Here’s How…

Our friends and affiliates The Originals GR are organizing a great birthday wish for our hybrid Joseph Morgan. He birthday is May 16th, check out the details below. And also contact them on twitter if you have any questions. I love this idea because as fans we love to support our actors and I think this is the best way to do. So show Joseph Morgan your support and send him a birthday wish. If you would like to do more you could always give to Joseph’s main charity  Positive Women.

Want to Send Joseph Morgan a Birthday Wish? Here's How...10 days for Joseph’s Birthday and all the Jomoholics joined forces to make the best gift for him! Wanna join tio? Then follow the steps!

1. Write your wish for Joseph on a paper.

2. Take a picture of you holding it.

3. Send it to us on the accounts that you can find on your right. 


We will gather all the pictures and we will make the most adorable full of love video for his birthday! So, if you are a Jomoholic then hurry up! Cause you have 8 days!

Here’s the links on where to send your birthday wish.

Want to do more for Joseph Morgan on his Birthday? Here how!

Here is a link to Positive Women’s webpage with lots of great info. Watch his latest interview where he explains the charity and what it means to him.

Please support us in our efforts to show Joseph Morgan our support. He has really work hard this year and what better why to show him our support then by an awesome birthday wish. I’m sure it would make him smile. Take a look at the video he sent out last year responding to his birthday wishes. We could get another this year!!!

Credit: Telly Photo: Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes

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