**Spoiler Alert*** Ten Year Old Marcel and Facing One-Nighters


It’s time to face the music for Klaus and Hayley. We all know how both of them feel, but they do have to face the consequences of their actions as Julie tells us in this spoiler below:

“It’s going to be nice to see the dynamic between Klaus and Hayley now.I think Klaus resents Hayley a little bit because they didn’t plan on this going any further than a one night stand. And now they’re facing the consequences of that.”

Next up is Marcel, just how did him and Klaus meet. This story line is one I am excited to see. Just seeing how Klaus choose victims or proteges back then will be interesting enough. Check out this spoiler below.

“We’re going to show some flashbacks of the first time Klaus and Marcel met, when Marcel was just a 10-year-old boy. Slowly and surely over the course of the run, we’re going to give little pieces of that and show how the friendship was born, what it meant to Klaus, how it ended, and why them coming back together is fraught with so many different emotions: jealousy and love; and loyalty and betrayal.”

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