*Spoiler Alert ‘The Originals’ * Klaus’s Ex-Girlfriend.


TV Guide dropped a huge spoiler today for ‘The Originals’,we will meet one of Klaus’s ex-girlfriend’s. Check out the full spoiler below.

We’ll soon find out that Katherine wasn’t the only woman who came between Klaus and Elijah. Back in the 1800s, Klaus was entangled with a stunning Creole woman named Celeste, who also had a fondness for Elijah, who wasn’t as busy as his brother keeping the residents of New Orleans in check. I’m sure that’ll end well!~Natalie (TV Guide)

So, It seems that the Mikaelson and Salvatore brothers have a lot in common. It does not stop at falling in love with the ill-fated Petrova bloodline. This should be real interesting to see. Joseph recently tweeted that he was excited for flashbacks. Could this be one in question? Or is Celeste still running around New Orleans? We will have to tune in on October 15th, 8pm EST. I for one can not wait for this series to kick off. It has some much of a back story to tell. Are you excited?

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