Thank You Claire Holt


The beautiful Claire Holt (Rebekah) is featured in the fall issue of Disfunkshion Magazine. As I was looking online, I came across a photo and post from the designer of one of the awesome pieces Claire wore during the photo shoot. Looking at some of the designs from the online store. I fell in love, I love unique pieces of jewelry and this is just up my alley. So thank you Claire Holt for helping me stumble upon this great website. Check out the site here. Also below are some pictures taken of the photo shoot.





Hi...thank you for reading and checking out the site. My fascination with vampires and all things supernatural started at a young age. Reemerging with Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire" book and movie. I love TV maybe a little too much. Adore makeup and accessories. Sci-fi geek to my heart and I will never be ashamed to say I loved Star Wars before it was cool...still do. ~ Arcena P