The Originals’ resident human goes vamp, Is it a good move?

The Originals only have 1 episode left leading up to the mid-season finale. The most talked about subject Camille and Klaus but not for reasons you think. Weeks ago Leah Pipes and Phoebe Tonkin posted behind-the-scenes pics that sparked speculations within the fandom. Plus the pictures were removed pretty quickly once fans started asking questions. The pics shown has Leah enjoying an apple and snacks but what stands out is the piece of jewelry she is wearing. It looks to resemble a daylight ring. Did Phoebe and Leah spoil the mid-season cliffhanger?

The Originals | Is Camille Becoming a Vampire?

My guess….Camille will be a vampire on The Originals, but this sparks the questions why? The writers always promoted her as Klaus’s humanity, but now they are hinting at a darker side to Cami. I’m guessing her darker side will emerge along with her new vampire abilities. So is this the only way she and Klaus could become an item? The reason I say this is that they have hinted a romantic Klamille for 3 years now. All ending in teases of will they or won’t they with Cami turning into a vampire it would be the perfect setup. My only concern is turning Camille into a vampire will not make a relationship between her a Klaus more likable. It reminds me of how they wrote Steroline, and it seemed Caroline and Stefan could only be fun/entertaining as a dark couple. So It’s looking like this is an attempt to spice things up for Klamille. Many think it is a good move, but some concerned Camille fans don’t really see the appeal of vampire Cami.

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I get what the writers are doing, The Originals has a knack for fixing characters or redoing them mid-season. But I don’t think this is the fix that the fans who adore Cami or not were looking for. So maybe the rumors are false and the pics are teasing at a new story line that could include Cami being compelled to think she is a vampire. Which is a theory running around the fandom too but fans did take to twitter and asked Michael Narducci if Cami’s story line included her turning into a vampire? He gave a concrete answer, but it also left a lot open. So he agreed that Cami is not turning into a vampire in episode 3×08 but gave no indication that it could not happen in episode 3×09, which is the mid-season finale. Mm….

So what do you think? Will Vampire Cami be badass and just the girl Klaus needs? Or is it all a lie, set up by Aurora to make Cami believe she is a vampire? Vote…the results will post before the mid-season finale!

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