The Originals: Joseph Morgan’s Directorial Debut Could Be the Best Episode Yet.


Joseph Morgan directs his first The Originals episode 3×17. 

There is a lot of buzz in The Originals fandom with anticipation of Joseph Morgan‘s (Klaus Mikaleson) directorial debut. Joseph now in his third season starring on The Originals and will take a cue from Julie Plec, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as he directs his first episode of the show. Morgan is no stranger to directing, as his resume includes director, producer, and actor. More recently the star led Revelation starring his wife, Persia White. Which opened to fantastic reviews, it has not been released yet but is still showing at a couple of film festivals.

The official synopsis for The Originals episode 3×17 has not been released but judging from some of the behind-the-scenes pictures, this episode should not be missed. What we know so far about Joseph’s episode:

  • Declan de Barra and Diane Ademu-John wrote the episode
  • Kurt Jones=Cinematographer
  • Joseph Morgan=Director
(Credit: Diane Ademu-John Instagram)
(Credit: Diane Ademu-John Instagram)

Judging from behind the scenes pictures the cast could be fangtastic *speculation, none of this has been confirmed. Only the above.* 

Nathaniel Buzolic is still hanging around Atlanta, which means we have not seen the last of Kol Mikaelson. Davina did promise in 3×11 to come back for him.

Daniel Gillies What would an epic episode be without Elijah Mikaelson? He also shares a pic that brightens my day. Finn might make an appearance, Casper Zafer, the original Finn, who is trapped in the amulet once held by Freya. Did someone find a way to free him?

Credit: Daniel Gillies Instagram (shadow play. @therealjosephmorgan directs @casparzafer and some asshole)
(Credit: Daniel Gillies Instagram) shadow play.
@therealjosephmorgan directs @casparzafer and some asshole

All I need is Claire Holt to show up, and this episode might have a full Mikaelson Family reunion. Which would be awesome, plus the alleyway in this photo looks too familiar to most, it’s the one right outside The Mystic Grill. So who knows, you could run into some familiar Covington faces (TVD Cast) along the way.

(Credit: Michael Mosher) next to the vampire diaries today. Got a picture with Zach next to his standee. #the_originals #theoriginalsonline #theoriginals
(Credit: Michael Mosher) Working next to the vampire diaries today. Got a picture with Zach next to his standee. #the_originals #theoriginalsonline #theoriginals

One can only hope, right? However just with the confirmation of my favorite originals’ writers and the possible return of two fan-favorite Mikaelson family members that is evident enough that this episode will be great. Plus it very well might be an acknowledgment to flashbacks in Mystic Falls or events. Which is something The Originals has done very little of and would be greatly appreciated by the audience that still watches both shows.

I will update this post as more news comes….but take a look at Joseph Morgan’s directing skills in this trailer for Revelation. 


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