It’s Here Finally! The Originals Season 3 Trailer.


The Originals have The Trinity to Deal with this Season. 

The Originals season three kicks off Thursday, October 8th at 9 pm EST on The CW. What seemed like forever is finally here. The trailer starts off with tension giving way to what could be The Originals’ best season yet.


If all plays out how I would like it. This seasonIt's Here Finally! The Originals Season 3 Trailer. is for change and but giving a real history of the beginning. If Klaus goes back to the evil villain, we love. You know the one who had emotions but did not back down for once if it came to it, then this season’s tagline can be..”I’m back.” I think he lost that a bit, and there can be a balance. That starts with letting the audience see more of Klaus’s history and relationships. We have never really dedicated an episode to that. My favorite episode featuring The Originals is season 3, episode 8 of The Vampire Diaries. I think because they gave us the whole 45 minutes exploring this family dynamic, and I’m sure all of you felt a little more connected to this family after that episode. The Originals season 3 needs that. This can be the first chance we get to see Baby Hope safe and well guarded, so daddy to go back to his day job. It seems he is going to need it with The Trinity arriving in town, thinking it is time to make a move on their elders.

giphyI want Elijah back to being suave and sexy. I understand his love for Hayley but giving the fact he had a juicy, steamy “thing” with Gia. I think he can ease up on the Romero this season. I want him and Klaus to work out their issues and get back to the job at hand. Working on their relationship, for me this is the most important one of the show. When Elijah and Klaus are working together, the screen explodes. I want that back….

It's Here Finally! The Originals Season 3 Trailer.Moreover, for the women, well I would love to see them get more independent this season. We begin to see this in season two. So continuing that storyline would be great, also Freya interacting with more people. Having Davina spend more time with the witches. Hayley is addressing all her family issues and stepping up to lead her people. Communicating with Klaus more about Hope and what they both want. Cami hanging with humans is great. As for Vincent and Marcel, well they are awesome, and it would be nice to see their handsome faces a lot more this season. Can’t wait for all the twist and turns, learning more about the Trinity and meeting Aurora from the sound of it, I may love this character from the start.

Tell me what you think of The Originals Season 3 Trailer.

It's Here Finally! The Originals Season 3 Trailer.
The Originals Family. TVD season three, episode 8. “Ordinary People.”


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