A big explosion is set to take place during The Originals, who could it involve?

Filming has started up again on The Originals set. The cast and crew returned from holiday break on Wednesday and it seems things are heating up quickly. The Originals are filming episode 3×15 this week, which will follow the upcoming crossover with The Vampire Diaries. The picture below was taken Thursday on the set of The Originals according to Newton Citizen. So someone might be taking their last limo ride, what we know leading up to this episode is that Vincent will reluctantly use his magic to either help The Mikaelsons or not and we have a new vampire coming to town, Cortez. Also, Davina will pick back up her storyline and we still have the threat of The Trinity/The Strix looming over Klaus and his family. One thing stands true, Klaus calls for retribution after the events of the last episode that left Cami dead, so depending on if she survives are not it seems everyone will have hell to pay.

Originals Spoilers: An explosion takes place during episode 3x15 [pic]








The Originals Return January 29th at 9/8c on The CW