Three Things I Want In The Originals


With the season premiere just under 2 weeks away. Everyone has expectations on how well they want the show to do and who they are ready to see. Either in cross-overs or flashbacks. Here are my top 3 things I want for The Originals:

vampire_diaries_the_original_family_by_kcv80-d4oqkqs (1)1) The Originals: Yes, I know all dreams can’t come true in T.V land but it would be nice to see all “The Originals” starring in “The Originals”.  Some of my favorite episodes during season 3 of TVD are those of The Original family all together.

original2) Klaroline: This is like beating a dead horse but the girl (Caroline) did make quite the impression on Klaus. So it would be great if she was on the show. Come on Julie think about Caroline needs to spend summer vacation somewhere. Hint. 

normal_VD4_Bonnie_Canvas_2785ra3)Bonnie: I know this will shock some but I think Bonnie would be great in The Originals. The Bennett line has a strong presence in the supernatural world. New Orleans being a mecca for supernatural makes me think a Bennett has been around those parts before.



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