TVD’s Kendrick Sampson: Why Klaus is Just So Cool


Vampire Diaries new hottie Kendrick Sampson gave us a little spoiler for tonight’s show and why it’s cool being Klaus. When asked a question about the men revolving around Caroline Forbes [Accola]. Sampson gave our favorite hybrid the best respect, but still keep Jessie in the top running.

Dead Man on Campus

3. Caroline has so many men revolving around her, and fans want her with Klaus, Tyler, even Stefan. What does Jesse offer?

He’s not a rage-head (laughs). He’s definitely not a murderer. So far, anyway. He’s no Klaus! Klaus is just so cool, so I get it — I get why everybody wants them to be together. If you kill that many people and everybody’s still rooting for you, you can’t get much cooler than that. [Klaus] is a psychopath. Jesse is psychopath-less. And Tyler has this obsession with Klaus and this desire to seek revenge. The only conflict we know of with Jesse is with his ex-girlfriend, and she’s nowhere to be found. So I think he offers less drama and sincerity and the desire to help.


We understand Kendrick, Klaus is just so cool. That is why we love him. But your right Jessie is less psycho, well that might change. Cause if he wants a shot with our girl, Caroline. A Psychopath-1000 yr old hybrid and  possibly gone cray-cray-ex boyfriend, Jessie’s  gonna have to put up a good fight.

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