The Vampire Diaries Fall TV Spoilers 2016 From TVLine


The Vampire Diaries Final Season: Caroline Has It Going On. When TVD kicks off its final 16 episodes, the group’s main focus is still rescuing Damon and Enzo from the mysterious darkness currently consuming them. “This dark turn is different [from previous ones] because of the reason why Damon is dark and how he feels about where he is in his life,” executive producer Julie Plec explains. “This isn’t the Damon who’s in it for the thrill and the wicked perverse pleasure; he’s doing this for a reason.” Bonnie will do her best to help, though “she’s had a pretty unlucky run of trying to get her magic back in the time since we’ve seen her. She’s a bit at the point of giving up.” Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline are “as strong as can be, considering what’s going on. They’re finding comfort and safety in each other.” And although she’s wearing more hats than ever in Season 8 — “she has a relationship she values, but is also trying to be a respectful co-parent” — Caroline has “got it all going on,” Plec assures us. Elsewhere, Matt will look to his past for answers about his future, and Alaric may be tempted by the new nanny.


BONUS SPOILER!: Unlike her fellow vampires, Caroline will be gainfully employed in Season 8.

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