Vampire Diaries “While You Were Sleeping” Recap.


The Vampire Diaries “While you were sleeping” Season 5 Episode 16

Hey fans & followers! All I can say is WOW and AMAZING! Ok… ok I fussed because of the hiatus, but it was WELL worth the wait! Love that Julie Plec does not disappoint us the fans, she is AMAZING & FABULOUS!

SO.. we find Elena sealed in the dorm, being everyone is on spring break. The gang I’m guessing felt she would be safe tucked away there, you know so she didn’t try to suck the life out of her friends. Of course Stefan doesn’t disappoint as our hero bringing Elena some of his blood! Aww..Of course she is coming apart at the seams starving, alone, confused Heck we all would be. Damon oh how I have missed you, you have such good intentions for the sake of love. You adore doing things the complicated way, that’s alright we still love you! Caroline the new heroine of the show, I’m pretty sure you could flip Klaus’ world around…I can always hope!! Anyways Caroline teams up with Enzo, kinda dreamy in his own right! What is he up to? He doesn’t strike me as the kind just to do something because he is nice, DEFINITE agenda there! There is another Stefan doppelgänger? Ok we will take it, but sadly it seems he will have to die. Those travelers?? Mmm.. so not caring for them much at all!But curious to see where they fit in with all the vamps, wolves, and witches.

Between TVD & The Originals I am really starting to dislike witches except for our beloved Bonnie. I knew something was up with Luke (honestly don’t remember him from the Bitter Ball) he was to calm, and I could tell he was faking compulsion. Then its clear once we find out he & Liv are brother & sister. What are they up to? So many questions. Normally at this point I would give my opinion on whats next, however I’m clueless, but definitely wanting MORE MORE!! Just when I wonder “how can they top that?” Well they do!I would love to hear from you guys & hear your theories!! Tweet me @Melissamg9588!! As always thank you for reading & sharing!


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