Vote The Originals for People’s Choice!

The Originals Cast Will Be Attending Comic-Con 2014

Even though The Originals has just gotten under way, there are still some great categories to put our cast in. You can vote up to five people for each category and as often as you like. So let’s show

our love for this awesome show and VOTE!


Favorite Actor in a New TV Series: Vote for Joseph Morgan, also select ‘Other’ and write in your favorite! I added Charles Michael Davis , Daniel Gillies

Favorite Actress in a New TV Series: Select ‘other’ and you can vote for your favorite Original female! I wrote in Claire Holt 

Favorite Anti-Hero:  Write in your favorite! I wrote in Joseph Morgan

Favorite On- Screen Chemistry: Select ‘Other’ and  write in your favorite Orignal ship! I wrote in Klaus and Caroline

Favorite SciFi/Fantasy TV Show: The Vampire Dairies.  Also select ‘other’ and write in your favorite! I wrote in The Originals 

Favorite SciFi/Fantasy TV Star: Ian, Nina and Paul. Also select ‘other’ and write in your favorite I wrote in Joseph Morgan 


Vote often through October 31st to make sure your favorites become official People’s Choice Awards 2014 nominees. Voting for the winners begins on November 5th.

Remember Nina Dobrev was a write-in last year and won!! So we just have to vote and see;) 

*This is just a FYI for what categories The Originals cast would be a good fit for. You vote or write in whoever you want, I just let you know who I voted for. This is not intended to tell you who to vote for;)*


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