What’s Coming Up for Hayley on The Originals? [spoiler]


According to E’s Spoiler Chat, Joseph Morgan reveals whats in store for Hayley and the magical baby. She’s under the protection of The Mikaelson’s but how will her and Klaus’s  relationship really evolve.


tumblr_mus8j2vhgS1ryy2ceo2_1280What’s coming up for Hayley on The Originals? I’m surprised by how much I am loving her on this show!
The Originals are surprised by their affection for her, too! “We’re going to see a little more of his protective side, and I think indeed from the entire Mikaelson family. We’re going to see them kind of embrace the idea that this baby and therefore this person, this mother, Hayley, belong to us,” Joseph Morgan previews. “She’s with us now.” But it won’t always be easy for Klaus to show his softer side to Hayley. “I hope he’ll be a little more understanding and considerate to the mother of his child, although I feel like he fluctuates,” Morgan explains. “I feel like he wasn’t keen to show her that she perhaps means something.”

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