The Originals’ Real Elephant in the Room: When Fans & Writers Don’t Agree, Can a Show Survive?


There has been a lot of negative buzz around our fandom as of late. And usually when that happens it means fans are unhappy with how their show is going. The recent buzz surrounds The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Fans and some critics have pointed out flaws. Some fans want certain characters to move or don’t understand while some on still around. While others are tired of the hearing it. Both landscapes for the fandoms has changed dramatically since ,I join over my love for one special Hybrid. Now on a typical Tuesday or Thursday you can see the fans going back and forth amongst themselves including having some of the cast or writers join in. What looks like a debate on theories soon turns into  a war of words.  With one fandom putting the blame on the other. Yes, that has changed too. Shippers have began taking sides on who’s right and wrong. Today I’ve read great articles from both sides. The real Elephant in the room is the hardest question to answer. When fans and writers don’t agree, can a show survive?

Every one knows whats considered bullying and what is not. We are all adults who live normal lives and do this or used to do this for fun and enjoyment. Moving into to love for a certain show are character. Or break from reality…that’s what TV really is.

Great points were brought up by a blogger, here is a snippet.

I’m also confused about why people would want their petitions and suggestions put into practice on a show. Television shows aren’t in the business of giving every viewer what they want; that’s the magic. There are ups and downs, and dramatic twists and turns that we don’t see coming. If writers suddenly dropped their plans and pandered to overzealous fans than what would television be? A predictable, boring mess.

And on another note, fans need to stop pretending they know the people who run these shows by what they tweet or random comments in the press. It’s cowardly behavior to attack someone from behind a computer screen – how is that bettering your life? How is that making you enjoy the show more? It’s not doing anything but making a group of fans representative of the whole and putting a label on fanbases. And then you all get aggravated when these people respond! As if they’re just supposed to grin and bear it, taking the abuse so many fling at them. It’s just puzzling behavior. I’m not saying every fan of a show has to be a fan of the people that create it, there is room for discourse about the quality of the art. But lobbying death threats and hateful language at someone is never right, whether or not you like them as a person.

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I agree with some of her points in this article, which was very well written. But I also see the points in this great article also. Which comes from another view.

The fans can either be a shows best friend or worse enemy and I’m afraid the fans aren’t 100% on board with this for several reasons. The biggest downfall is probably the publicity from some of the cast, writers, and significant others from the show. Fans are very loyal to this show’s cast and when they bluntly get made fun of or criticized for loving a couple or particular character then that hurts. This is when BAD trends start on twitter and mean tweets get sent.

How can the PR fix this? Well first off not let the cast respond rudely to hate. They are adults and it’s better to ignore than instigate. Or respond in a positive way. Instead of making fun or being rude answer questions honestly and respectfully. Stop singling out one part of a fandom for example, Klaroliners or Elijah fans. When you join this industry you know fans are passionate and you’re going to get a lot of love and hate, but it’s how you handle it that makes or breaks you and the show.


So I see this as Morton’s Fork‘ or the more common pharse ‘Between a rock and a hard place.”  You have writers and fans that enjoy the show, upset that fans who are not happy with the show keep complaining or starting petitions. This in return causes a lapse of judgement from both sides. Where the bad apples will surely arise and cause havoc. But  we also have to remember you can not generalize a whole fandom, no matter how many bad apples are thrown. While you have to consider we are all human and make mistakes. So that is how I see the actions of both the fans and writers of The Originals and TVD.

Both articles bringing up good points from each side of the argument. Do you know why you argue with a friend more than an enemy? Love, respect and hope. My mom use to tell me if I don’t say anything at all, that means I don’t care. I feel like that is the trend we are seeing in our fandoms. We care, at some point many of us respected each other. And we can all agree that we love these characters and they have become a part of our lives.  I don’t think the fans that are disappointed what to stop watching. I think they want to be heard and understood. Just like I don’t think the writers really want disillusion fans to stop watching, because you want to share something your proud of . With people who will understand it. Nurture it and help it grow. This is where ‘Morton’s Fork’ really comes in to play. If  both sides feel attacked and unappreciated they will enter radio silence. Where no communication or resolve may ever come. From what I’m discussing with fans and seeing in interviews or tweets from the writers and cast.  This radio silence is already begun with ratings for both shows dropping each week.  So what will happen when one side bends and the unhappy fans really do go away or go silent? What if the ratings for either show never get back to what they were? Then you are left with the fans that are happy with how both shows are going but if both shows don’t create enough buzz, they go away. Television is a business and if the people who fund it don’t see it moving or affecting enough people as planned. Shows get cancelled. That’s the outcome for this situation as it stands. Numbers don’t lie. Not saying that a writer has to compromise his work in order for it to succeed. But if you really want it to succeed, how much do you rely on the fans. A essentially  both sides need a resolve in order for the best outcome.

I think if each side really looked at the bigger picture. Look to those who are not in active fandoms or have twitter accounts or blogs. The everyday watcher is what I like to call them. See what they have to say. Aim for their thoughts. Those are the people you have to worry about. Because they will not be as vocal as your fandom. They will not care enough to come to us and state their opinion. They will simply turn the channel. Resulting in the worse possible outcome for both sides.

What do you think? How do you think the real problem can be resolved between the two? Leave your comments below.


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