When will The Originals Be Back On? Schedule Update Along with Promo.


I’m sure everyone has a lot of thoughts about tonight’s episode. We will have to wait till April 15th for a brand new episode of The Originals.

ORG-klaus-tout_115404-7b0211-188x1885/13/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Episode 22
5/6/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Episode 21
4/29/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Episode 20
4/22/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Episode 19
4/15/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Episode 18
4/8/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Repeat TBA (R)
4/1/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Long Way Back from Hell (R)
3/18/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM The CW Moon Over Bourbon Street

Until then you can always catch up on The Originals at Hulu.com or The CW Network.

Here’s a look at the new episode coming April 15th.

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